Refunds and Reshipment Policies

Refunds and Reshipment Policy

Q: An item is missing from the parcel, can a replacement be reshipped?
​A: The parcel shipment weight will be examined and if a discrepancy with the weight is found a replacement garment will be re-shipped free of charge. We are not able to ship exchanges at this stage and the original order must be shipped in full.  

Q: An order hasn't been delivered and has been sent using an untracked service, can a replacement order be shipped?
A: Unfortunately, as you have opted to use an untracked shipping service, a replacement will not be shipped free of charge. A replacement order should be put through your store to reflect the reshipment.

Q: An item says it has been delivered but the customer hasn't received it, can a replacement be shipped?
A: If you have chosen one of our tracked services we can look for more detail on the proof of delivery and try to assist your customer to locate the parcel. Our shipping companies can provide photographs, GPS location confirmation etc which may assist when dealing with customers. Should these enquiries come back and we find the item hasn’t been delivered we will arrange for a replacement. Please allow time for the investigation to be conducted. If you are using an untracked service we cannot offer a replacement. All lost parcels must be reported within 30 days of the delivery.

Q: An order has been shipped with an incomplete address, can a replacement be sent?
A: If an order is shipped with an incomplete address, a free replacement would not be available. A new order would need to be placed with the correct address. It is important to ensure that your customers are providing full addresses at the point of checkout and any errors in the address will not be at the cost of Shirt Monkey.

Q: An order has been shipped but it hasn't been delivered yet, can a replacement be sent?
A: We will need to allow sufficient time for an item to be delivered. Delivery times vary by chosen service and destination. If this time has lapsed we can look at a replacement being sent if a tracked service has been selected.

Q: A customer has received the wrong print / garment, or there are marks or stains on the product can a replacement be reshipped?
A: Yes, a replacement will be arranged free of charge providing that the customer lets us know of this error or issue within 14 days of receiving the order. Please ensure that you provide us with a photo of the garment.

Q: A customer wants to make a change to their orders, can I do this?
A: Yes, providing the order has not yet been processed and sent to production. If an order has already been processed and sent into production, at this stage orders cannot be amended. All orders are processed at 9am each morning, Monday to Friday throughout January - October. During the busy Christmas period of November and December, orders can be processed multiple times each day. 

Q: The print on the garment is deteriorating, can a replacement be sent?
A: It is very rare that a print would deteriorate if the garment has been washed in accordance with the guidance which is to wash all garments at 30 degrees. A replacement can be issued if the print is starting to peel or fall away from the garment within 60 days of purchase. A photograph should be provided before a replacement would be shipped.

Q: Can I provide my own garments or neck transfers?
A: Yes, it may be possible for us to accommodate taking in your own blank garments or neck transfers. However please note where you provide your own garments, where a misprint takes place a replacement will be at your own cost. Where you provide your own neck transfer, where a misprint takes place, you will be charged for the full amount of that garment & any associated DTG prints. 

Q: A customer would like their order to be rushed through for a specific date, can I request this?
A: If you need a specific order to be rushed through, please let us know as soon as possible and we will try our best to accommodate these requests, however, we cannot guarantee this will always be achievable. 

Q: Our customer would like to send their order back for a refund or an exchange
A: Unfortunately we are not able to process customer returns, returns should be sent back to your own address for processing.