Garment Finishing


Garment Finishing

We offer a range of garment finishing services to give your printed apparel the retail finish! From woven labels to swing tags, each element ‘finishes’ your garment and turns a basic printed t-shirt into a much more rounded and finished product.

cut sew.png

Cut & Sew

The manufacturer's label is cut out and your woven label is sewn over the top along with an unbranded wash care label and size loop.

Price for application only
£0.40 / unit

Unpick & Sew

Our team of experienced seamsters unpick the garment, remove the manufacturer's label and replace it with your woven label, unbranded wash care instructions and size loop.

Price for application only
£0.70 / unit


hem label.png

Hem or Sleeve Labels

These are sewn around the bottom hem, sleeve hem or even edge of a hood or cuff.

Price for application only
£0.40 / unit

Additional Extras

Swing Tag Application
Folding & Bagging
Screen Printed transfers

+ More available on demand