Frequently Asked Questions


Which DTG machines do you use?

We use exclusively Kornit DTG machines. We currently have 6 Kornit Avalanche HD6 printers installed in our facility in Winsford. These machines run on a 7 colour system, CMYKRG+White. 

Do your prints last a long time?

Yes! The Kornit DTG machines offer unrivalled colour fastness and wash fastness in the DTG market. We advise all customers to wash thier garments at 30 degrees and do not iron directly onto the print. If you follow these basic instructions then your prints will last a long time! Unlike Screen printing, our water based prints are also much more resistant to cracking and peeling.

Can you match pantone colours?

DTG printing is a digital form of printing and whilst our machines are setup to match colours with the best possible results. We are not able to directly match pantone colours and exact colour matching is extremely difficult to perfect with Direct to Garment printing. Our machines utalise a CMYK + Red and Green setup, so the colour gamut that our machines can achieve is much larger than most.

What file type do I need to provide?

Ideally we would require a PNG file with a transparent background. The print file should be scaled to the correct print size and should be at least 150dpi. You should try to ensure that all of the edges of your files are sharp or this could result in a poor finish.
Please also note that any areas within your design that are very thin may not print very well and anything less than 2pixels in width will potentially be 'choked' out of the print.

Printing Transparencies?

Unfortunately our DTG machines are not able to accurately print artwork that contains transparencies without the artwork being reworked by one of our designers. If your artwork contains elements of the design which fade or are semi transparent, please reach out to us before placing an order. If you place an order with artwork that contains transparencies through our online designer, we cannot guarantee the quality of the finished print.

Can the garments smell after printing?

DTG uses a fixation agent during the printing process which can have a light smell of vinegar, please keep in mind that your garments may have a slight smell on first receipt. This smell quickly disapears after the first wash.

Printing onto bright colour garments

When printing onto bright colour garments such as bright yellow, orange or gold. Please note that the print quality may drop as the colour of the garment can start to show through the print itself. This is especially visible where black ink is used. 


What is your turnaround time?

For bulk printing, we offer a turnaround of 5-10 working days from once payment has been received and your proof has been approved. Often we will dispatch orders much faster than this, but there are many factors that can delay an order for example sourcing the garments from our suppliers. For orders placed through our online designer, these orders will usually ship within 5-10 working days.
*Note that during November & December, our turnaround time will increase. Ask a member of the team for up to date turnaround times.