DTG Printing


DTG Printing With Shirt Monkey

We offer Direct To Garment printing throughout the UK using top of the range Kornit Atlas and Kornit Avalanche HD6 printers, we can achieve incredible print quality at an affordable price for small & large print runs.

Direct to garment printing is a relatively new fabric printing method where the ink is printed directly onto the fabric which results in exceptional “hand” (referring to how a garment feels once the image or design comes out of the printers), and offers more flexibility than screen printing in terms of quantities, color variation and turn-around time. We are able to offer full colour printing onto all colours of fabric with our impressive Kornit DTG Atlas & Avalanche HD6 printers.

We have printing solutions for a massive range of requirements, from contract printing to overflow printing we can come up with a price and print process to suit your requirements.

Always a great quality print and super helpful if there is ever an issue. I needed tees asap and it was all sorted with no fuss very quickly, they couldn’t do enough to help.
— Google Review

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Inside our Brand new Kornit Atlas Printer

Eco Friendly Ink!

Our water-based NeoPigment™ inks are absolutely free of heavy metals, formaldehyde and Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APE), making them non-hazardous, non-toxic and biodegradable. As part of our waterless printing system, our biodegradable ink and energy saving process makes Kornit an eco-friendly printing solution.

Our Printers

We currently print using 3 Kornit Avalanche HD6 machines and a Single Kornit Atlas Machine.


What are the benefits of DTG Printing?


Fast Turnaround

With DTG printing, we can take a design and run off a print within seconds of saving the design. Other more traditional types of printing such as Screen Printing can take a long time to setup as you are required to creased the individual mesh-screens prior to printing. DTG printing just requires the file, the printer and you're off!

No Minimum Print Runs or Setup Costs

You can print as many or as few of each design as you like, if you want a single print or 1000 prints then DTG can handle any size order - while you will benefit from bulk discounts, there are no setup charges meaning that printing a single unit is still financially viable and very affordable.

Multiple Colours

We don't charge by the colour, so unlike screen printing where you will pay per colour, with DTG printing you could have a single colour, or 100 colours in your design and the price will remain constant.

Complex Designs Easily Printed

As this print method is digital, complex designs can be printed with ease - for example full colour photographs, intricate designs or small text which other print methods would either find impossible or very difficult to print.


White vs Dark Printing

When printing onto a white garment, our machine will print the entire image just using the colour bridge (CMYKRG). This means that the ink will ‘soak’ into the fabric to give a very soft feel.

When we are printing onto dark or coloured garments, the machine must first print a white underbase to allow the ink to sit above the garment fibres and ensure a vibrant print. This therefore means that the print will feel slightly more raised than a white garment print but should not feel heavy or overly rough like a screen print would do. The water based prints will also not crack like a screne printed garment and will stretch with the fabric!